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2018 Medicare Premiums & Co-Pays

If you’re at least 65 years old or you meet certain requirements, Medicare Part A will usually pay for a portion of your inpatient rehabilitation or skilled nursing services at Whitehall of Deerfield.

Medicare Part A, which covers skilled nursing care, may pay for your stay up to 100 days — as long as it’s after at least a three-day qualifying hospital stay (which includes three consecutive midnights). Medicare Part B may also pay all of the covered services for the first 20 days. During the last 80 days, you’ll be required to pay a daily co-insurance amount (see below). Though the maximum Medicare Part A benefit is 100 days, your coverage may vary based on your individual medical conditions.

Medicare Part B helps pay for physicians, therapists and other services not covered by Part A.

Here, then, are the updated Medicare co-pays and premiums for 2018:

Medicare Part A

Part A co-pay for days 1 to 20: $0
Part A co-pay for days 21 to 100: $167.50 a day

Medicare Part B

Annual deductible: $183
Co-pay after meeting annual deductible: 20%

Please note that Medicare co-pays may be covered if you have supplemental insurance.

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