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Five signs to know if you need joint replacement surgery

Total joint replacement is one of the most successful interventions available today in modern medicine, according to the National Institutes of Health. Currently about 1 million people have joint replacement surgery in the United States each year and experts predict that number to rise to 4 million a year by 2030. Joint replacement is an elective procedure, which means the timing of the surgery is up to the patient.

Here are five signs that surgery needs to be scheduled:

Other causes eliminated

Joint pain can be part of other health issues like spine problems or tendinitis. If your doctor has ruled out all other treatable causes for pain, it may be time to get your joint replaced.

Treatments no longer work

Most physicians will try less invasive remedies before surgery. Some of these treatments include pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs or injections, targeted physical therapy, exercise and weight loss. If these treatments bring no relief, surgery may be the best option.

Pain affects daily living

If your joint pain is keeping you from running marathons, you may just want to slow down a little. But if the pain is preventing you from walking, climbing stairs, shopping or caring for yourself, then your quality of life is being affected and surgery should be considered.

Pain is always present

If pain is not relieved by taking it easy or using medications, then it may be time to take action. Pain that is present when you are sitting down resting or trying to sleep is significant and can begin to create new health problems. To avoid more complications, look to a surgical solution.

The pain is affecting your mental health

Constant pain can cause depression. When you don’t feel up to doing the things you enjoy or have no energy to go out, a feeling of hopelessness can set in. This may make you feel sad, angry, anxious or restless instead of being your normal self. Sometimes people begin to gain weight from lack of activity, which can add to discomfort. When you can’t be yourself due to the pain, it is time for surgery.

Waiting too long

Many people avoid joint replacement surgery because they fear they might end up in more pain or suffer other complications. Talking with your doctor about your fears can often help reduce anxiety. The danger with waiting is that the joint disease progresses and the joint deteriorates. The more the joint is damaged, the more complicated the surgery becomes. Some people who decide to undergo surgery early can possibly be eligible for a resurfacing procedure instead of a complete replacement. People move less when they have a painful joint, which can affect their total health and make the surgery more challenging. Scheduling the surgery while you are still healthy can mean a better outcome.

After the surgery

The level of success of joint replacement surgery is linked to an effective recovery experience. It is important to undergo targeted physical therapy. Those who are determined to regain strength and flexibility as quickly as possible often choose to recover in a short-term care facility where there are experienced physical therapists and specialized equipment designed specifically for joint replacement patients.

Whitehall of Deerfield has a long-standing reputation for providing the highest quality post-hospital rehabilitation in luxurious surroundings. The Elective Orthopedic Pavilion at Whitehall of Deerfield, exclusively for those recovering from elective orthopedic surgery, is the North Shore’s luxury destination for post-hospital rehabilitation. Whitehall of Deerfield’s Elective Orthopedic Pavilion offers a full range of therapies targeted to meet each guest’s individual needs. A clinical nurse liaison completes an assessment to discover areas that need attention. Then physical and occupational therapists work one-on-one with guests seven days a week. State-of-the-art rehabilitation gyms offer all the equipment needed to reach your highest level of independence and functioning. This consistent, attentive and compassionate care is provided by everyone from the concierge to the nursing staff.

Elective Orthopedic Pavilion guests also enjoy their own private rooms complete with attentive concierge service; an iPad or laptop computer available for personal use; daily newspaper, gourmet coffee and delicious snacks delivered to guest rooms each day; in-room dining with a wide range of menu choices; in-room massages available and many more world-class amenities.

Whitehall of Deerfield, which has earned Medicare’s highest five-star rating, also provides the strictest level of safety and infection control, offering you a short-term stay in its separate infection-free, post-hospital wing with a specially trained, dedicated staff. Whitehall of Deerfield also provides routine facility-wide COVID-19 testing and ongoing patient and staff monitoring to ensure your health and safety.

There are few short-term rehabilitation centers that can come close to matching the luxury and level of expertise of Whitehall of Deerfield’s Elective Orthopedic Pavilion. To learn more,  visit whitehallofdeerfield.com or call 847-945-4600.

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