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Five ways to keep active longer

Everyone knows that exercise is important. Almost every major ailment includes increased exercise as part of the cure. However, figuring out how to fit exercise into our daily routines is challenging, especially in this high-tech world where the average person spends nearly 11 hours each day using a variety of media from phones to computers to televisions, according to a recent Nielsen survey. Here are five suggestions on how to find a more active lifestyle.

Find a reason 
We all need motivation to get moving, so find your personal inspiration. Maybe you want to be able to play football with your son or relieve that pain in your back. Consider being more active to reduce the chances of having an early heart attack or suffering from arthritis. Perhaps working toward a goal like being able to run a 5K or take a bike trip will help you get moving on a regular basis.

Find the time
Take an honest look at your schedule. Statistics show that the average person checks Facebook eight times a day, which takes up a total of 20 to 35 minutes per day. Other statistics reveal that the average American watches more than three hours of television per day. Give up a few Facebook checks or one half-hour sitcom and replace it with an activity. Instead of watching television with the family, take a walk or  play Frisbee together. It will benefit both you and them. Try sneaking activity into the day by spending the last 10 minutes of your lunch break walking around the office. When the destination is close by, walk or bike instead of drive. Set a goal to do one activity a day like a 10-minute walk after dinner and slowly increase the time as you can.

Find what you love
If you hate to jog, don’t make that your activity. Find things you love. Maybe walking around the block is boring but walking an indoor shopping mall where you can window shop and people watch is enjoyable. An ideal option for this is the Whitehall of Deerfield Mile-Walk at Northbrook Court where there are mile markers on both floors to guide you through the entire one-mile course.

In addition to walking, you could also include a variety of activities from bowling to yoga class and try to set a schedule. The more fun you have, the more likely it is that you will continue the activity. Choosing different types of activities will help exercise different muscle groups and reduce the chances of overdoing it.

Find a partner
Having a family member or friend join you in a regular activity will help motivate you to keep active. When you are tempted to give up, having someone there to encourage you is very helpful. Taking a class or joining a group activity can generate new friendships. The person you meet at open swim night at the local pool might be a great partner for a weekly bike ride. Having friends and family who are active will help keep you moving.

Find a gadget
There are numerous fitness gadgets on the market that are motivational. Popular activity trackers count everything from the number of steps you take to the number of calories burned. Many trackers can upload the data to your phone or computer so you can share your progress with others. Siblings are often motivated to out walk each other no matter what age they are. The data can also help you see progress and push you to reach new goals. Work up to that recommended 10,000 steps a day and then go beyond. The more active you are now, the longer you can be active in life.

Dealing with unplanned inactivity
An unexpected medical event or injury that lands you in the hospital can disrupt your active lifestyle but it does not need to end it. When you are forced to spend time recovering in bed, your body begins to lose some of the hard-earned flexibility and energy. Returning to an active lifestyle can be challenging. There is often a level of fear that activity can cause new damage like a heart attack or a serious fall. One way to safely and effectively regain strength after a medical event is to choose to recover in a short-term care facility.

One the most luxurious and effective short-term care facilities is Whitehall of Deerfield, where all of your needs are addressed. A clinical nurse liaison works with each guest to design a personalized plan of service. Whitehall of Deerfield has multiple gyms with specialized equipment to address a variety of needs. Therapy is available seven days a week, which allows each guest to progress at a constant rate. Whitehall of Deerfield has been given Medicare’s highest rating in its five-star quality rating system of rehabilitation facilities and is accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading and most respected health care accrediting authority. You can depend upon receiving quality care at Whitehall of Deerfield.

When it comes to comfort, Whitehall of Deerfield believes in pampering its guests. Well-appointed rooms feature such amenities as concierge service, daily delivery of Starbucks coffee and newspaper, an exclusive channel of newly released movies, valet parking for visitors, Wi-Fi and in-room dining. Guests select meals from menus and enjoy them in attractive dining rooms. There are also complimentary fresh-baked treats and ice cream available at an on-site ice cream parlor and coffee shop. A life enrichment department provides various leisure and social programs to enhance your stay.

See for yourself if a short stay at Whitehall of Deerfield answers all your needs by requesting a private tour. To learn more or schedule a tour, visit whitehallofdeerfield.comor call 847-945-4600.

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