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Put your health at the top of your holiday to-do list

The holidays are upon us, which means gift wrapping, baking cookies and a long to-do list. Give yourself the gift of a healthy holiday season by following these six suggestions.

Be aware that the weather outside might be frightful

Winter weather can be dangerous, so bundle up before venturing outdoors. Frostbite can happen quickly when the temperature falls. If you find yourself walking on a slippery surface, think penguin and waddle. Take shorter, shuffling steps with your feet pointed outward and try to keep your center of gravity on your front leg. Shovel your walkways and sprinkle salt to keep passageways ice-free to prevent falls.

Watch those chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Residential fires usually increase during the holidays, so take extra care. Don’t leave lit candles, fireplaces, space heaters or food cooking on the stove unattended. Check your holiday lights for bare wires and turn them off if you leave the house. Be sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and have a fire extinguisher close by.

Limit the servings of figgy pudding

Overeating is tempting during the holidays. Be aware of your diet and make fruits and vegetables a priority since they contain nutrients that can lower your risk for disease. When it is time for the holiday feast, make a plan to maintain control. Avoid starving and then overeating at the meal. It is better to eat light before the holiday dinner and then control your portions the whole day. Decide which items you want most. You don’t really need to have pumpkin, pecan and apple pie just because they are all available.

Also, try to keep active during the holidays. Getting that 20-minute daily walk each day can make a difference in holiday weight gain.

Remember that you are not a jolly old elf

Santa makes it look easy, but the reality is that you can’t do it all. Focus on the important things like sharing time together rather than overdoing the details, like putting up a themed tree in every room. When you begin to feel stressed, remove a few of the frivolous things from your to-do list.

Focus your attention on things you can control, not the things you can’t control. If you are feeling stress, confide in friends or family members. Be sure to include a good night’s sleep in your holiday schedule since proper sleep can be a stress reducer.

Watch those holiday toasts

A cocktail before dinner, wine with dinner and then after-dinner drinks can affect your health and impair your judgment. Overeating is more likely when you are feeling tipsy from alcoholic beverages. Consider having water with dinner or choose decaffeinated coffee for your after-dinner drink. Be cautious of the holiday punch bowl, which may hold hidden alcohol. If you do choose to drink, do not drive. Give your keys to someone sober for the safest journey home.

Share holiday wishes, not germs

The last thing you want to give anyone for the holidays is COVID-19. Wash your hands, maintain a safe social distance, limit your gathering size and be safe. Skip the hugs this year and consider making a phone call instead of a visit. Do your shopping remotely and limit those trips to the mall. Think about quarantining for two weeks before going on any holiday visits.

Coping with health issues during the holidays

When an unexpected illness or medical event sends you to the hospital, it can abruptly change holiday plans. If you are depending upon family to help during a time of recovery, it can be a challenge for all. Family members may find it difficult to provide the level of care that is needed due to busy holiday schedules. For a safer recovery that does not create stress for your family during the holidays, consider recovering where there is an attentive staff who can provide proper care in safe, infection-free and luxurious accommodations and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

When it comes to choosing a safe, infection-free environment for a quick and full recovery after surgery or a hospital stay, Whitehall of Deerfield is the area’s premier choice. With excellent outcomes and a resort-like setting, Whitehall of Deerfield has consistently received Medicare’s highest five-star rating of nursing and post-hospital rehabilitation centers. Whitehall of Deerfield is also ranked among the top 1% of all post-hospital rehabilitation in Illinois by Newsweek — and has received U.S. News & World Report’s “Top Performing” rating. Learn more about the individualized one-on-one therapy programs seven days a week, world-class amenities and COVID-19 safety measures by visiting WhiteHallofDeerfield.com or calling 847-945-4600.

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