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What you should know about osteoporosis

Although our bones feel hard like stone, they are actually living tissue that constantly changes. From birth, our bones grow and get stronger for around 20 or so years until they reach peak bone mass. Then things begin to change…

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Regaining confidence after a fall

Falling when you were a child was a minor inconvenience. Most of the time, all that was needed was a hug from mom and a Band-Aid for your knee. But as we age, falls become a serious issue. One in…

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The truth about the flu vaccine

Flu season is almost here, which means it might be time to schedule your flu shot. Many people are confused what exactly is meant by the term “flu” since it is often applied to different illnesses. When medical professionals talk about…

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Is elective orthopedic surgery right for me?

Some medical decisions are easy to address. When you have heart disease, cancer or a broken bone, there are procedures to treat these problems. But there are some other medical decisions like elective orthopedic surgery that are more challenging. Elective…

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