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Is this a stroke? Know the warning signs

Most people understand the concept of a heart attack but are less familiar with brain attacks, which are commonly called strokes. Basically, a stroke occurs when blood circulation to the brain is interrupted or reduced. When the blood flow is…

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When arthritis affects your hands

Hands are pretty amazing. Each hand has 27 bones and 14 joints all working together to allow you to do everything from hold a fork to type a letter. Yet, one of the biggest culprits affecting the movement of hands…

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What is elective surgery?

If you haven’t already undergone a surgical procedure, chances are that you will have one in the future. The American College of Surgeons completed a study that estimated Americans undergo an average of 9.2 surgical procedures in a lifetime. The…

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Seven common causes for hip pain

Our hips bear the full weight of our bodies and help us stand, walk, run and dance over a lifetime. It is not surprising that pain felt in the hip is concerning. In general, issues within the hip joint bring…

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