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Finding hope for neurological disorders

Over the past 25 years, the number of people suffering from neurological disorders has climbed and poses what the World Health Organization calls “one of the greatest threats to public health.”  Neurological disorders cover a broad spectrum of conditions that…

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Try eating these foods to improve your mood

The reason some dishes like meatloaf and chicken soup have earned the title of “comfort food” is that they awaken a pleasant memory when you eat them. This food-mood connection between an emotion and food has gained much attention recently,…

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Seven common sports injuries and how to avoid them

In an effort to have more active lifestyles, each year more Americans become involved in sports activities. However, being a weekend warrior who only is active occasionally can have some negative aspects. Throwing yourself into the game without taking precautions…

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Skin Cancer: What you need to know

Being out in the sun is good for you. Sunshine improves your mood, helps you sleep and provides vitamin D to strengthen bones and the immune system. A walk in the sun can even lower blood pressure. However, being out…

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