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Media Spotlight on Our Own Ashley Blankstein-Delaney

Enjoy this well-deserved story about the selfless work our Director of Business Development and Physician Relations, Ashley Blankstein-Delaney, does in our community — as featured in The North Shore Weekend’s “Sunday Breakfast” column.   Sunday Breakfast with Ashley Blankstein-Delaney by Bill McLean…

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The importance of a second opinion

When the doctor recommends surgery or other major medical procedures, it can be very unsettling. This is why many seek a second opinion to confirm the course of action. A second opinion is simply seeking advice from another doctor concerning…

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Tips for managing knee pain

Experiencing knee pain can negatively affect your quality of life. When it is painful to climb stairs, walk or even stand, daily activities become a struggle. The National Institutes of Health report that frequent knee pain affects approximately 25 percent…

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2018 Medicare Premiums & Co-Pays

If you’re at least 65 years old or you meet certain requirements, Medicare Part A will usually pay for a portion of your inpatient rehabilitation or skilled nursing services at Whitehall of Deerfield. Medicare Part A, which covers skilled nursing…

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What you should know about osteoporosis

Although our bones feel hard like stone, they are actually living tissue that constantly changes. From birth, our bones grow and get stronger for around 20 or so years until they reach peak bone mass. Then things begin to change…

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Regaining confidence after a fall

Falling when you were a child was a minor inconvenience. Most of the time, all that was needed was a hug from mom and a Band-Aid for your knee. But as we age, falls become a serious issue. One in…

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