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Whitehall of Deerfield - Healthcare Center


“I felt the entire staff at Whitehall wrapped its caring arms around me. Nurses fine-tuned medicationaround my responses; the nurse assistants attended to my every need and taught me self care. Physical andoccupational therapy experts sent me home with the strength and confidence to manage stairs and showering.My spouse and I will always be grateful for the jumpstart that my week at Whitehall gave us towarda successful outcome to my surgery.”

- Jane Perisho,

Evanston, IL

“I chose Whitehall of Deerfield (for my hip-replacement rehab stay) ... and I was very glad I made that decision! From the physical and occupational therapists to the nursing staff, everyone really attempted to give me the best care possible. I never felt like anyone was 'just doing their jobs.' Bottom line: I would recommend Whitehall of Deerfield to others.”

- Nick Snyder,

Deerfield, IL

“I am so pleased with the care I received while a patient at the Elective Orthopedic Pavilion at Whitehall. The entire experience was excellent. The physical and occupational therapy helped restore my independence and gave me the confidence to trust my new knees. I highly recommend Whitehall.”

- Colleen Walsh,

Mundelein, IL

“My two week stay for a total knee replacement was wonderful. My therapies, the nursing care, the big window and lots of natural light helped to make it a pleasure. We enjoyed getting a 'guest tray' for my husband's dinner each night. The food is healthy and delicious. Visitors loved going downstairs for ice cream and popcorn. You all are doing a wonderful job and have create a happy and healthy place to grow strong.”

- M.S.,

Glenview, IL

“I spent two weeks at Whitehall of Deerfield following total knee replacement surgery. I received excellent care and physical therapy that made all the difference in the speed and comfort of my recovery. Whitehall of Deerfield is a first rate facility with an outstanding staff which I highly recommend to anyone needing post-surgical care.”

- Joy Salatich

“What I like most about the Whitehall of Deerfield staff is that they are very professional, honest and well trained … willing to go above and beyond. I also like that they involve families in the treatment planning.”

- Dr. Andrew Mantelman

300 Waukegan Road Deerfield, IL 60015 | 847.945.4600