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A time to heal: Why you need a good rehabilitation plan after leaving the hospital

After a hospital stay, it is natural to want to immediately return to your regular lifestyle. However, it is important to go through a period of rehabilitation first to allow the body to heal as well as regain strength and mobility. It helps to view rehabilitation as a journey rather than a single event because rehabilitation requires moving steadily toward a goal over a period of time. Here are some tips to help select a rehabilitation plan.

Choosing a path for the journey

There are many options for rehabilitation programs, but the key is finding one that meets your treatment needs. Rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery is very different from the rehabilitation needed after a stroke. Work with your doctor to compile a list of needs and then start looking for programs that meet those needs. Not all rehabilitation services are the same, so it is important to find out what is offered. Discuss whether an inpatient or outpatient program is needed also.

Comparing the different routes

Once you have found a few possibilities for rehabilitation treatment, it is time to look at specifics. Here are eight areas to consider.

Frequency of treatment

When looking at a program, investigate how often therapy is provided. If the doctor recommends intensive therapy several times a day every day, be sure the program can deliver that level of service.

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Individualized treatment

Each person has different needs during recovery, so be sure a plan can be created for physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy as needed. The plan should be continually reviewed and updated to be effective.

Quality equipment 

Check to see if the program offers the latest equipment for helping regain strength, flexibility, balance and other areas if needed.

Experienced staff 

Effective rehabilitation programs require a team of qualified therapists and staff who work together to offer appropriate services. Find out if the staff are board certified to address particular needs and if they have worked with other patients with the same condition in the past.

Supplemental services

 Recovery is hard physically, but there should also be less strenuous components that promote well-being. A quality program offers settings, activities and amenities for relaxation.

Support services

 A quality program addresses all needs from start to finish, including around-the-clock nursing services as well as with helping with at-home therapies and assistive devices after rehabilitation has been completed. Access to social workers or case managers who can help with these concerns and ensuring a smooth transition home is also beneficial.

Comfort and safety

Rehabilitation is hard enough without having to worry about safety concerns. Ask about security and safety equipment like grab bars in bathrooms or security screening. Tour the facility to see that it is clean and well-maintained. If the program involves a short-term care facility, ask about meal service, room arrangements and personal assistance options.

An ideal route

Navigating the many options for rehabilitation can be overwhelming. One option that has stood the test of time is Whitehall of Deerfield, a short-term care facility that has earned a reputation for offering rehabilitative services for orthopedic surgery, stroke, cardiac surgery, hip fractures and other medical issues. Each patient is provided with a personalized treatment plan that a team of experienced medical staff and therapists carry out during your stay. Therapy is offered seven days a week in state-of-the-art gyms. This top-notch care is delivered in a safe and attractive facility that offers a resort-like feel. Don’t wander off the path when it is time to start your rehabilitation journey. Take the route that will get you back to life as quickly as possible at Whitehall of Deerfield.

Whitehall of Deerfield has consistently received Medicare’s highest rating in Medicare’s five-star rating system of nursing and post-hospital rehabilitation centers. Whitehall of Deerfield is also ranked among the top 1% of all Illinois post-hospital rehabilitation and nursing care centers by Newsweek — and has consistently received U.S. News & World Report’s highest five-star rating. Learn more about the individualized, one-on-one therapy programs, world-class amenities and COVID-19 safety measures by visiting WhitehallofDeerfield.com or calling 847-945-4600.

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