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Ways to boost your brain health

The human brain does its job so well that it is easy to forget that it needs just as much care as the rest of the body. As the command center for the nervous system, the brain controls thoughts, memory, movement and emotions. Like all parts of the body, the brain goes through an aging process. But there are ways to reduce mental decline. Here are seven tips for boosting brain health.

Increase the number of nerve cells through exercise

Exercise can help develop new nerve cells and strengthen the connection between brain cells. This helps the brain to be more efficient. The many health benefits of exercise like lowered cholesterol, healthy blood sugar and reduced stress also contribute to the overall health of the brain.

Eat well for better brain function

There are many foods that have been shown to be beneficial to the brain. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli and spinach and berries can improve memory. Green teas and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish improve overall brain function. Proteins from meat, eggs and beans have high levels of amino acids that can help with mental alertness.

Give the brain time to get organized through sleep

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Getting between seven and nine hours of quality sleep each night gives your brain time to make sense of the things going on in your life. Your brain uses this time to consolidate the day’s learning and get ready for the challenges of the next day.

Train your brain to work efficiently

Challenging activities can stimulate connections between nerve cells and in some cases, stimulate the production of new cells. There are many ways to challenge the brain, from doing word puzzles to taking up a craft activity.

Strong friendships can strengthen the brain

Being isolated has been shown to be detrimental to brain health. Develop a variety of social ties through your religious community, social clubs or neighbors to keep the brain engaged. Having a diverse group of friends helps give the brain a broader perspective.

Positive mental attitude can strengthen the brain

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When the brain is overwhelmed with emotions like anxiety, fear or exhaustion, it is not able to operate as efficiently. These strong emotions can affect sleep and other health issues. Taking steps to have a positive mental attitude can help keep cognitive functions strong.

The brain needs a healthy body

All the parts of the body work together, including the brain. So staying healthy benefits the brain. Control blood pressure, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keep cholesterol in check to promote brain health.

Adding brain health to recovery

After a major medical event, it is important to approach recovery with brain health in mind. Going it alone can be an isolating experience with no mental stimulation and uncontrolled emotional stress. Choosing to recover in a short-term care facility can provide a recovery with beneficial support for medical, emotional and social needs. One of the premier locations for this level of care is Whitehall of Deerfield.

 Whitehall of Deerfield is ranked among the top 1% of all Illinois post-hospital rehabilitation centers by Newsweek — and has consistently received both U.S. News & World Report’s and Medicare’s highest five-star rating. Learn more about the individualized, one-on-one therapy programs, world-class amenities and COVID-19 safety measures by visiting WhitehallofDeerfield.com or calling 847-945-4600.

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