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Why walking is a prescription for better health

Getting in your steps has become a fitness craze in the United States with numerous gadgets aimed to motivate us all to walk. However, over half the adults in this country are still not getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week. It is hard to understand why more people aren’t lacing up their sneakers when one considers the many benefits of walking. Here are eight reasons to help motivate you to get started on this beneficial activity.

Fights the fat genes
Harvard researchers completed a study of the 32 genes in the body that promote weight gain to see what role they played in obesity. Among their findings was a revelation that the effect of these genes was reduced by 50% by walking briskly for one hour a day.

Corral the cravings
A 15-minute walk each day can curb the craving for chocolate and sugary snacks. Researchers also found that the amount of sweets eaten in stressful situations in general is reduced by a daily walk.

Eases aches and pains
If you don’t have arthritis pain yet, walking five to six miles a week now can prevent it from forming later on. The act of walking stimulates the body to lubricate joints and strengthen the muscles that support them so damage is prevented. When your joints are properly supported by strong muscles, they operate properly and there is less chance of damage. If arthritis is already an issue, walking can help by increasing flexibility and reducing joint pain. You don’t have to run a marathon but walking as much as you can will produce better results than being totally sedentary.

Fights germs
Walking can boost your immune system. A study of 1,000 men and women showed that those who walked 20 minutes a day for at least five days a week had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised less. The walkers who did get sick had milder symptoms and a speedier recovery.

Promotes a better mood
Taking a walk can improve your mood, especially if you walk outdoors. Researchers found a daily walk to be as effective as medication for people suffering from depression. In addition, the mood boost from the walk lasted longer than the boost from the medication. Walking clears out cortisol, known as the stress hormone, from your system making it easier to be happier.

Increases “zzzs”
Walking improves the quality of sleep. Even people who suffer from insomnia reported fewer sleepless nights after starting a regular walking routine.

Builds strong bones
It is a case of “use it or lose it” when it comes to your bones. You need to have weight bearing exercise like walking in your daily routine to keep bones strong. People who walk regularly generally have better bone density than those who are inactive.

Benefits the brain
Your daily walk is good for your whole body including your brain. Walking can benefit memory, cognition, and learning. Walking also will increase the size of your brain.

Get started today
All journeys begin with one step, so take that first step to better health by making walking a part of your daily routine. Don’t let the weather be an excuse. Whitehall of Deerfield has teamed up with Northbrook Court to provide a safe way to get in those daily steps. Mile markers are set up on both levels of Northbrook Court to guide walkers through a brisk one-mile walk. The Whitehall of Deerfield Mile-Walk at Northbrook Court will be available throughout 2019 so get started today.

The power of exercise
Today’s medical professionals understand the importance of physical therapy following surgery or serious medical event. Bones, muscles and soft tissue need to heal during recovery but if the joint is not used, it can heal improperly. This can lead to limited range of motion, less flexibility and reduced function. However, getting moving during recovery can be frightening and painful. This is the reason many choose to recover in a short-term care facility where physical therapy is offered daily.

One of the premier choices for short-term recovery is Whitehall of Deerfield, which has been given Medicare’s highest rating in its five-star quality rating system of rehabilitation facilities and is accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading and most respected health care accrediting authority.

Guests at Whitehall of Deerfield receive the highest quality medical and personal care. Well-appointed rooms feature world-class amenities including concierge service, valet parking for visitors, daily delivery of Starbucks coffee and newspaper, high-speed wireless Internet, dozens of cable channels with a 24-hour channel of newly released movies and much more. Guests enjoy a variety of appetizing menu items either in their own rooms (in-room dining) or in attractive dining rooms. There are also complimentary fresh-baked treats and ice cream available at an onsite ice cream parlor and coffee shop. A life enrichment department provides various leisure and social programs to enhance your stay.

See for yourself if a short-term stay at Whitehall of Deerfield answers all your needs by requesting a private tour. After meeting the team of professionals and seeing the elegant surroundings, it will be clear that Whitehall of Deerfield is an ideal place for short-term care.

To learn more or schedule a tour, visit whitehallofdeerfield.com or call 847-945-4600.

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