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Six tips for reducing arthritis pain

Though it affects each person differently, arthritis is a painful and degenerative condition that occurs when the joints become inflamed causing pain or stiffness. Arthritis pain is usually addressed with anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers, but there are also more natural…

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Ways to slip exercise into your day

We all know that regular exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle but we also know that it is hard to find time to exercise during a busy day. One way to solve this dilemma is to slowly start slipping…

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Losing weight before surgery reduces risks

It may seem like your doctor is adding insult to injury when he tells you to lose weight before surgery can be performed. This is most common with joint replacement surgery since the procedure can be safely delayed while weight…

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Media Spotlight on Our Own Ashley Blankstein-Delaney

Enjoy this well-deserved story about the selfless work our Director of Business Development and Physician Relations, Ashley Blankstein-Delaney, does in our community — as featured in The North Shore Weekend’s “Sunday Breakfast” column.   Sunday Breakfast with Ashley Blankstein-Delaney by Bill McLean…

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The importance of a second opinion

When the doctor recommends surgery or other major medical procedures, it can be very unsettling. This is why many seek a second opinion to confirm the course of action. A second opinion is simply seeking advice from another doctor concerning…

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