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Seven common sports injuries and how to avoid them

In an effort to have more active lifestyles, each year more Americans become involved in sports activities. However, being a weekend warrior who only is active occasionally can have some negative aspects. Throwing yourself into the game without taking precautions…

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Skin Cancer: What you need to know

Being out in the sun is good for you. Sunshine improves your mood, helps you sleep and provides vitamin D to strengthen bones and the immune system. A walk in the sun can even lower blood pressure. However, being out…

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Steps to take to avoid drug interactions

With so many names for medications on the market, following the doctor’s orders can be challenging. If your doctor tells you not to take any NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) with your current medication, you might think that taking Motrin is…

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What happens to you while you sleep

Sleep may seem like a time when you are doing nothing, with your mind and body shut down, but this is not the case at all. Sleep is actually a very active and important time for strengthening, processing and restoring…

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Five common myths about nutrition

When National Public Radio conducted a survey of 3,000 Americans a few years ago, it found that 75 percent thought they were eating a healthy diet. However, in reality, the Centers for Disease Control claims that 80 percent of Americans…

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Five ways to keep active longer

Everyone knows that exercise is important. Almost every major ailment includes increased exercise as part of the cure. However, figuring out how to fit exercise into our daily routines is challenging, especially in this high-tech world where the average person…

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Headache triggers—and how to avoid them

Nearly everyone has experienced a headache. Researchers estimate that 95 percent of women and 91 percent of men have experienced a headache in the last year. A headache can be a minor, occasional inconvenience or it can be a reoccurring…

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